The 2019 Corona Virus (COVID-19) global pandemic overwhelmed emergency response providers all over the world. 

In Africa, where emergency response services are mainly commercial, it was very difficult coping with the pressure of their regular emergency response, and the addition of COVID-19 emergency response.

Therefore, Safe Responders was formed as a volunteer, non-profit organization in October 2020, to provide fast and free emergency response services in Nigeria, and in due course, throughout Africa. 

Also, we provide health and safety updates, to ensure everyone is abreast of health and safety happenings globally.


To provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year emergency response and information services.

Our mission is to ensure that the general public is updated of emergencies around them, follow up with these emergencies, arrive at the emergency scenes as soon as practicably possible and provide professional and appropriate emergency services.

Health and Safety News


safe responders health and safety newsletter

Health and Safety Newsletter

 Learn the latest news, updates and products about workplace safety and industrial hygiene

safe responders emergency response

Health and Safety Emergency Response

Get help when faced with emergencies such as accidents, explosions, toxic gas releases, chemical spills, civil disturbances and violence

Emergency Response Ambulance


Get access to ambulance services that quickly respond to your medical emergencies and distress calls

safe responders fire caution sign


Fire protection training and access to an effective firefighting brigade

safe responders accident response

Accident Response, Update and Analysis

Systematic investigation of the root cause of traffic and workplace accidents

safe responders traffic control

traffic control

Efficient supervision of movement of people, goods and vehicles to ensure safety


Medical doctors and nurses

Our responders include well-trained, volunteer medical doctors, nurses and health workers


A reliable team of firefighters ready to respond to fire emergencies

safety personnel

Safety personnel trained to respond to all kinds of emergency situations

Become a safe Responders volunteer